The most famous ice cream
during Expo 2020

160 000 cones sold

You eat them
before they melt

Sky high
ice cream

The richest milky and chocolate
taste in the world

Milky spots

About us

Marhaban bikum fi Dubay…
The wealthier, the higher, the more unique, the better – this is how you can shortly describe Dubai today. A city full of luxury, cutting-edge technologies, as well as original architecture you won’t see anywhere else in the world. The greatest example of this is Burj Khalifa built in 2009 – the world’s highest building, which defined the impossible in terms of design and construction. This 828-metres-high office building became the global icon of comfort, design and elegance.

Dubai decided to use Burj Khalifa in a material promoting Expo 2020 fair– the most important economic event in the world. The Poland Pavilion, offering astonishing design and exhibitions, had also find its way to this special place. MilkyIce ice cream turned out to be a huge surprise, as they instantly gained popularity and became an important spot for visitors.

The heart of our project is a unique machine, without which there would be no MilkyIce today. We manufacture the devices with the greatest care in Poland, and then we send them to Dubai. You may say that this is a limousine among other standard automatic machines. What Burj Khalifa, Expo fair and our MilkyIce ice cream have in common? Innovation, technology and great popularity in Dubai. MilkyIce feature shape resembling the highest building in Dubai, they are made of the highest-grade ingredients, 70% powdered milk, and flavour-enhancers. The temperature of the ice cream is -9 degrees, thanks to which they do not melt in very high temperatures prevailing in Dubai.