The most famous ice cream
during Expo 2020

160 000 cones sold

You eat them
before they melt

Sky high
ice cream

The richest milky and chocolate
taste in the world

Milky spots

About us

Welcome to Milky Ice Cream, where our roots are Polish, but our spirit was born under the sunny skies of Dubai. Our journey began at EXPO 2020, a place where the world’s wonders met. It was there that we introduced our ice cream, a true labor of love and creativity. To our delight, it became one of the event’s biggest hits!

Our Beginnings

The story of Milky Ice actually started a year earlier, at the peak of the pandemic. Two friends, Tomasz and Adam, decided to participate in the tender for restaurants in the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020. Their dream was to run a food and beverage business outside their native Poland. Fate brought them to Dubai, a magical place where dreams could come true.

Milky Ice at EXPO 2020

During EXPO 2020, the innovative swirly ice cream presented at Tomasz and Adam’s restaurant turned out to be an incredible hit. In just six months, over 160,000 ice creams were sold to guests from all over the world! The success didn’t stop there. The founders invited their friend Adrian, one of the best ice cream industry experts in Poland, to join their venture.

Why Milky Ice is Unique

Our ice cream is like no other. It’s not just about the unique flavors we dream up; it’s about the joy and surprise in every scoop. While others may try to imitate us, the heart and soul we pour into our ice cream are truly unique. Through our passion, commitment, and unique ingredients, we aim to set a new standard for ice cream.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce new standards in the ice cream world, using unique ingredients and creating unforgettable taste experiences. Together with you, we can achieve this goal and make our ice cream even more exceptional and recognizable worldwide. Thank you for being part of the Milky Ice family! Join us and experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.